The Beauty of Strength

Strength comes from within. Many people put on a mask every day, even when they are at there worst you’ll never know. Could be dead broke, struggling, in pain.  Don’t show it. My strength isn’t a mask, its the will power of knowing that everything will be okay. A key to having Strength is accepting, gaining, and dealing with situations the most postive way no matter how difficult situation can be. 

As a single mother, unfortunaley I barley get help financially, working for myself isn’t always easy. I end up in real situations were I fall behind in a payment, foreclosure, repossession and very difficult times. Do i let it break me NO. As a parent we do what we have to do right. I had to gain the strength from these challenges. This is how I got to become a who i am today. 

My Secret Formula

Prime Key: I never gave in I know this was temporary.

1. What can I gain from this?

2. How do I keep it from repeating?

3.Why did this happen?

 4. What changes must I make. 

5. Be grateful, laugh, and Smile everyday. We all have more than others. 

Everything that happens in life analyse it in this way. This is how  a mind can be trained to overcome and conquer anything that comes your way. That’s my true beauty of Strength. Can’t be strong without having inner strength. 


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