Lied to cover my flaws,didn’t know if you be accepting of me.

Flaws turned into claws. How could you trust in me.

I let you down not intentionally, Still where accepting of me.

You could of let me go, Saw the better me.

I tell you a part of me. Still couldn’t let you in.

Lied to cover my flaws. Flaws brought back the claw.

As we continue to grow on one another. I start to see, I have to be me.

You see me now. Wanting to be with you.

Claw was still up. As I fall  hard gripping tight.

Knowing  of the lies and flaws. The claw will remain against me.

Only time can take the claw down toward me.

I let myself be transforming into the best of me.

I hope you see what those flaws has brought us to be and they are not me.

You see me as who I am. Flawless as can be.

By Diana Pabon





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