The Trigger

As i’m staring you didn’t see me.

I lurk and creep, you didn’t even seek.

I was in and out no sight of me.

I watched and creeped.

You still didn’t seek.

The head turnt facing me.

You didn’t see me.

I watched from a far.

Creeping your every move.

One night the order was given.

Its was time to pull the trigger.

The adrenaline ran through my body.

I gripped the gun, and slowly moved toward the trigger.

As i watched and creep.

I can only hear them weep.

The pain and sorrow the trigger will seek.

 Anger came i stopped the creep.

I pulled the trigger from afar.

My heart Races as yours Compresses.

Oxygen filled my lungs as it about to suffocate you.

I take a breath, as you take your last.

I strike once.

As the body fell against the wall.

Another breath, as your gasping for air.

You didn’t see me so I.

Strike again your heart stopped beating as mine raced.

I stared one last time forgetting the sight of you.

The order was complete.

Never saw me seek or creep.

Had to make them weep and seek.


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