This is dedicated to you Chuck:

As you stare at your own creation.

You wonder why does she continue to deceive you.

Her heart was broken and her soul still yearning.

The day when everything changed.

Your wife, there mother pasted away.

A quarter of a century just taken away.

Pain and sorrow settled in.

You and your creations were broken.

The yearning for her presence.

Trying to accept the loss seemed even harder.

Depression was spread.

Your caring weeping heart had to let go for them.

Procrastinated for a while.

You started to heal and they followed.

Years later you got the strength to finally make a change.

Yet your creation still hasn’t changed.

Her soul still yearns.

The careless actions repeat.

She still not connected to why her soul weeps.

As you stare at her you know you’ll have to let her go.

Its hard to stare when you can’t connect.

Until she connects your connection will remain disconnected.

As you keep your youngest creation to remain by you.

The patience runs thin.

Your the connection missing within.

When i stare at you and your creations  I see.

Her spirit uplifts you and starts to repair the disconnection.

Although there are many changes to come.

All the pain and depression you felt.

Will turn around into a connection so deep.

Embrace her memory as happy as can be.

You may have loved once.

God choose you to live with her spirit in them.







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