Sipping on this wine

Words start to hesitate

Thoughts begin to disintegrate

Wine makes my mind combine

Thoughts of you and me

Only while I dine

Sipping on Wine





The Chain

A heart hanging down  chain

Trying to attach

The chain would not latch

Heart kept hanging

He wasn’t the one

To seal the deal

Another encounter

Chain broke into pieces

Heart shattered

Yet, to be restored

By your presence

Chain Finally Latches

She found the one

Heart was made for


The Bridge

Written By: Diana Pabon

There backs turnt against her

Betrayal and dis mail

Bent backwards for  them

Control was in elses hands

Road blocks began to stumble

Creating uncertainty

Tempers flare only for there purpose

There patience lost, hers contained

Harmful burning words

Thrown in despair

Threats began to flare

 Temperature spikes

Setting the bridge on fire

No point of return

Bridge crumbled to pieces

Ashes for Ashes

The brutal ending

To the family that once was

Burns forever stay embedded in me