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Surrounded by his presence

I feel unpleasant

He my heart

I became his Shadow

As he walks from the light

I began to Fade

Days continue I stand in the mist

He’s heart is so pure

I had to give him more

Shadow remains hidden

As he walks from the light

I remain alone in the Distance

A Shadow fading with time.




All her fortune was gone
Her mind shattered into pieces
Sorryness settled in
Beyond the humility
He saw ability
Regaining her capability’s
Renovating the mind
To Combine 
 Restoration Settles in Healing
Been Forced upon him
 Mind flourishes n flows
Fortunes come rolling in
Acts of the Heart

Lets everything fuse

Merge regenerate

Heal them both within





Thoughts unravel

Still don’t believe in she

Her story has been so told

As life went by in all sorts

Her path has been set forth

The challenge to achieve

Continues to slam her with a breach

Can’t understand one’s  path

That your opinions won’t let you see

Put a Block of the True vision of she

With all the alterations

She finally dealing with her own realization

Once a servant for them

A new journey  began

Acceptance of she

Is the vision voided to believe


The Bridge

Written By: Diana Pabon

There backs turnt against her

Betrayal and dis mail

Bent backwards for  them

Control was in elses hands

Road blocks began to stumble

Creating uncertainty

Tempers flare only for there purpose

There patience lost, hers contained

Harmful burning words

Thrown in despair

Threats began to flare

 Temperature spikes

Setting the bridge on fire

No point of return

Bridge crumbled to pieces

Ashes for Ashes

The brutal ending

To the family that once was

Burns forever stay embedded in me