Chapter 1

             Ever came across someone who mind continuously transforms, adapt to change was  an easy habit for her. She calculated things as if she was programmed, when change came the past seem like it never existed. Her mind would auto delete as if she was some type of computer. With impeccable capabilities  who was she.Charlie had a not so common upbringing broken family, more of that later. Lets start with her father was a cocaine addict spent most of his time in jail or prison. Was not apart of there life. Mother was a hard worker , Charlie was one out of the four sisters. Mother worked days and nights, grandma helped out a lot.

           First change of instinct began the day Father decided to violently abuse his wife. One night as they all lie asleep except her and me. He walked up the stairs, woke up, she wouldn’t give him what he wanted. She had enough of his crap. Slammed her against the wall pulling her hair and banging it on the wall, a pistol on his right hand. As she turns fight back, he sets the gun ready to fire. A strong push, she got away, suddenly tripped, he grabbed he by the hair and put the pistol in her mouth.

            Charlie was listening in her playpen about three years old. No one would wake up. In a moment of time the violence began to increase, he drugged he further down the hallway upstairs. There was this Jesus statue about four feet corner of the hallway. He slammed her head into it chipping the statue. Pulling her hair to point where she did not have any control, shoved the pistol in her mouth kept shoving it. Charlie flipped out of her play pin had to protect her mother. She stood before him, not knowing what will happen and gave him the look of death.

He pulled out  a knife and said ” Move out the way Deedee”

Charlie said “No, leave her alone”.

Mother said ” Just go back in the room honey”

Charlie “I am not done”

            He push me out of the way and as i feel the knife cut the side of the left leg. Cocaine rush started to go away, he was coming down.  he began to beat mother up. It took every bit of energy she had. So she jumped back up and pushed him back, sat on her mother until he left. Took a flesh of Charlie and inner strength  to end the violent feud. Only three years old. Her mind translated the event to protect and defend that was stage one of her capabilities.

” I will not confirm to society “told mother that day.

“I will not be controlled by them”

“By whom” replied Mother

             Charlie was a short caramel skin, with brown long hair , light brown eyes, curvy body, and beautiful skin. Her smile was he best trait. Strength was amazing inner and physical. Mind saw things not common people could see. Blunt person, always spoke her mind out. Can say original one of a kind.”This world”she responded and from there on the next transformation begun.


Reality with a twist

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