Daily Prompt: Together

via Daily Prompt: Together

To get her, we work together to create her.

To make her, our bodies touch.

Together we climax to get her.

Sperm attached to the Ova.

Our souls combined, to get her.

Together we created life.





The Beauty of Strength

Strength comes from within. Many people put on a mask every day, even when they are at there worst you’ll never know. Could be dead broke, struggling, in pain.  Don’t show it. My strength isn’t a mask, its the will power of knowing that everything will be okay. A key to having Strength is accepting, gaining, and dealing with situations the most postive way no matter how difficult situation can be. 

As a single mother, unfortunaley I barley get help financially, working for myself isn’t always easy. I end up in real situations were I fall behind in a payment, foreclosure, repossession and very difficult times. Do i let it break me NO. As a parent we do what we have to do right. I had to gain the strength from these challenges. This is how I got to become a who i am today. 

My Secret Formula

Prime Key: I never gave in I know this was temporary.

1. What can I gain from this?

2. How do I keep it from repeating?

3.Why did this happen?

 4. What changes must I make. 

5. Be grateful, laugh, and Smile everyday. We all have more than others. 

Everything that happens in life analyse it in this way. This is how  a mind can be trained to overcome and conquer anything that comes your way. That’s my true beauty of Strength. Can’t be strong without having inner strength. 


Lied to cover my flaws,didn’t know if you be accepting of me.

Flaws turned into claws. How could you trust in me.

I let you down not intentionally, Still where accepting of me.

You could of let me go, Saw the better me.

I tell you a part of me. Still couldn’t let you in.

Lied to cover my flaws. Flaws brought back the claw.

As we continue to grow on one another. I start to see, I have to be me.

You see me now. Wanting to be with you.

Claw was still up. As I fall  hard gripping tight.

Knowing  of the lies and flaws. The claw will remain against me.

Only time can take the claw down toward me.

I let myself be transforming into the best of me.

I hope you see what those flaws has brought us to be and they are not me.

You see me as who I am. Flawless as can be.

By Diana Pabon




“The Vision of Love”

I stare in your eyes.

Only to get memorized.

By your  lovely brown eyes.

Love comes from the heart.

We connect through each others eyes.

As i stare my heart starts to race.

His eyes has me mesmerized.

The feeling travels so deep.

Our eyes can feel the heat.

Passionate intimate love we seek.

The eyes finally connect.

Memorized by one another.

Locked in that moment.

As i stare in your eyes.

My heart starts to beat faster.

 I can feel the heat.

Your eyes travel through mine.

Connection is so deep.

Our Souls start to weep.

Love is what you really see.

By Diana Pabon

The Entrepreneur Poem

I work to live, Live to work

I am my own slave

Sleepless days,Innovative ideas

Turn into reality, Oh the reality

The dream is alive, Living the dream

I live for me, Oh the glory

Working for myself, Is the Upmost story

I am my own slave, The rest is up to me

I finally became The Entrepreneur 

I achieved a dream, I Live to Be

The best slave in me.

By Diana Pabon

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