Daily Prompt: Test

via Daily Prompt: Test

Lost and uncertaint

My thoughts become obscure

The nerves twitching

Calculating my moves

As I stick to the gutted feelings

Knowing where this would lead us

Position me in the trail phase

Watched me Excel

Improved who I am

Locked in the emotions

Let go who I once was

Yet Persistent in Testing

The Value of me.


The Flame

Flame is burning

As the light projects

To the  Pupil and lens

Flame gets stronger

Light hits the retina

Electrical impulses

Rush toward the optic nerve

Starring at the flame

Impulses reaches the brain

Mind at ease

Macular centralized

The Vision of the flame

As the fovea

Created the clearest vision

Flame brighten

Eyes focused on the burn

The eyelids begin to shut

Vision of the flame

Became so clear

The impulses made

The mind rest





Daily Prompt: Disagree

via Daily Prompt: Disagree

As you run for the President

You say “we all agree “

“Your biggest Asset is your temperament”

One tweet and all turns to heat

“She has no Stamina “

If you had any Stamina

wouldn’t your taxes be Released

Your answers to anything

Reside in Nothing

“She deserved what she got”

You don’t deserve to be in this Spot

As we the People Disagree

“Lets Make America Great Again”

America Has Always Been Great

We are One Nation not a Divided one

As the Race gets closer to the end

Hope people see why we Disagree.